Image CCOText and data mining is important to different scientific communities, but what do these different user communities need to mine succesfully?  One of the aims of workpackage 4 of the OpenMinTeD project is to collect these requirements. This was done using  a combination of methods, including online surveys and focus groups. The results are summarized in the  ‘White paper on OpenMinTed Community Requirements’ that was finished last week.


What can you expect to find in this white paper? First of all: an overview of the methods used to gather the information. The used methods include targeted online surveys, interviews, focus groups and workshops.

Secondly the document provides insight into the different OpenMinTeD communities: scholarly communication, life sciences, neuroinformatics, agriculture and social sciences. What is going on in these communities? What are the challenges when it comes to text and data mining? And what are the sub communities and stakeholders inside these communities? These issues are all addressed.

The last chapter contains a more detailed description of different stakeholders, their practice and challenges and needs when it comes to text and data mining. One way this is done is through the use of personas. Would you like to know what the main frustrations are of Marie the data curator, or the ideal situation for Marios the text mining researcher? It’s all there.


The requirements that are summarized in this white paper will serve as input for a list of functional specifications. Together with the personas, this will guide the design and development of the OpenMinTeD infrastructure for text and data mining.

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