FutureTDM Symposium 2017

FutureTDM Symposium 2017

About IDSC 2017

Advances in technology and changes in the business and social environment have led to an increasing flood of data, fueling both the need and the desire to generate value from these assets. The emerging field of Data Science is poised to deliver theoretical and practical solutions to the pressing issues of data-driven applications.

The 1st International Data Science Conference (iDSC 2017) organized by Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (Information Technology and Systems Management) in cooperation with Information Professionals GmbH seeks to establish a key Data Science event, providing a forum for an international exchange on Data Science technologies and applications.

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FutureTDM, seeking to increase the uptake of Text and Data Mining in Europe

Salzburg, Austria

 13 June 2017, 10:00-17:00

FutureTDM Symposium at the IDSC 2017 in Salzburg

Our FutureTDM Symposium will be held at the International Data Science Conference 2017, in Salzburg Austria. With EU copyright reform now in progress, we bring together policy makers and stakeholder groups so that we can share FutureTDM’s findings and our first expert driven policy recommendations and practitioner gidelines that can help increase EU TDM.

We will introduce FutureTDM’s overarching policy recommendations and sector specific guidelines to help stakeholders overcome the barriers we’ve identified. We hope to hear about TDM experiences on the ground at the IDSC 2017. We will also reveal more about the project’s tools and services, practical tutorials, demos, online help and how to guides to increase TDM uptake.

The Symposisum will take place at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg on Tuesday 13 June from 10am-5pm. Places are limited and registration for the event is mandatory. If you have any questions, you can contact us at office@futuretdm.eu