Practitioner Guidelines

Practitioner Guidelines

The FutureTDM project has produced several sets of guidelines to help address specific challenges to greater use of text and data mining (TDM) technologies. These include guidelines to help practitioners better understand the legal and licensing situation around TDM, and guidelines to help creators of data and content manage and share their data.

In each case, these guidelines are intended to be relevant to all stakeholders involved in TDM and data creation activities, from academia to industry to the general public.

Legal Guidelines for TDM Practitioners
Guidelines for Content Licences
Data Management Guidelines for Researchers
Guidelines for Supporting TDM at Universities

The guidelines presented in this first iteration will be updated throughout the reminder of the project, based on feedback and further engagement with stakeholders, to ensure that they are as relevant and useful as possible.


 Are you a practitioner, researcher or publisher? Let us know what you are looking for? What do you think about our guidelines? Your feedback is important for us and it will be fed into our Practitioner Guidelines.